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Questions to ask before hiring a graphic designer

Every graphic designer has their own process and approach to projects. You need to determine if what is important to you is important to them. You are investing your time and money and should make your expectations clear.

  • project budget
  • communication
  • project deadline
  • communication
  • progression of project/proofing stages
  • communication

I think you got the message – it is always better to ask questions and communicate your goals and concerns BEFORE the project is in its final stages. Having a project timeline keeps everyone accountable. Establish a deadline and your designer should be able to map out the steps to completion.

Questions about printed materials

Will I see an in-person proof of my project materials or just an electronic pdf?

A pdf proof will almost always look great. The pixel capability of your monitor limits your ability to see that the graphics are printing clearly and in the correct colors. For smaller projects, this may not be an issue – but this is your business brand on the line. Cheaply produced printed materials do not give you the “look and feel” of professionalism when they are held in your customer’s hand.

Will the graphics you design be made available for my website?

It is good to discuss this ahead of time. Most of the time graphics produced for a brochure, banner or catalog can be converted into .jpg or .png files for your website. If your print designer is not your web designer, bring them both together for a conversation. If they are not willing to communicate, that is a big red flag.

Will I own the copyright to the images in my brochure?

Things to be aware of if stock photos are used in your printed materials: Who purchased the photos; Who holds the copyright; Are images legal to use on your website;

We have over 20 years of experience designing printed materials. If you have a project you would like to discuss, call 916-364-1582 or contact us below.