Social Media Marketing

Frustrated with how much time social media can take away from your business day? We can help you with every step, or whichever part of the process has you stuck or in a rut.

Social Setup, Management and Training

Does your social media reflect your marketing goals?
We help you create content that speaks to your target market.

Having a tough time getting started?
Brainstorm some ideas with our social media content helper. 

Are you being purposeful about the content you post?
We can create well-rounded content and plan for posting. 

Questions are free, how can we help?

Helpful tips to get started with social media.

Are you speaking the same language as your target market?

We help you create a cohesive branding message and a plan of action.

  • Where does your target market spend the most time?
  • Are you utilizing the right strategies for each channel?
  • Do you post or share relevant content on a consistent basis? 
  • Do you track what you post?
  • Are you deliberate about using hashtags and links in your posts?

Social Media Setup

Your social media presence should start with a Google My Business profile fully completed. This is the key to being found on maps and collecting reviews. If you have not done this step or are not sure where to start, here are some of the first steps you need to take.

Bios and Branding

If you don’t have your profile completed, we help with building you a rich-in-content social profile to describe your product or service. Once your detailed social profile is completed, we help you get populated on the internet! As the final step, we provide you with a Password Protector Handbook with all your links and passwords. This handbook is meant to be used as a printed back up for reference daily, but especially if you have experience an event where you might lose access to your device. We want to protect our client’s privacy and access to the accounts that are theirs. Our policy is that we NEVER want you locked out of your own accounts.

Social Media Management

We can be as hands-on as you want us to be – either way we will have questions! It is very important for us to learn about your business in order to provide your business content with enough depth that your brand personality shines through. Most audiences want to personally connect with the services they are purchasing, so we want your content to be original and speak the language of your target market.

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Have you claimed your Google My Business Account?

Contact us about Google My Business account setup and start collecting reviews!

There is more to social media than social websites. It is important to claim your Google My Business Account and post content that leads back to your website. Complete your company profiles on sites such as Yelp, Bing and business directories relevant to your business.

Claim Those Profiles!

Google My Business Post for Client Retention Inc

Post Purposefully: Creating original content for social media.

Words and Pictures

Struggling with ideas on what to post? We can create content specific to your business, and help you with a plan to generate new content.

Need help creating professional looking graphics for social media? We can create original posts that reflect your uniqueness. As part of our social media services, we provide you content to approve before items are scheduled to post.

Tracking Engagement

Do you know which posts get the most attention? We can show you how to track your social media activities and understand your audience analytics. This process gives you a big picture view of your engagement trends.

Social Media Training

Frustrated with how much time social media can take away from your business day?

We can supply the graphics and content ideas while we help you learn to manage a realistic schedule of posting. We can customize the training  based on the tasks you need to get done.

Customize your own Master Posting Schedule

Master Social Posting Schedule
You can only see improvement if you know where you started.