How to Choose Hosting

What should you look for in a hosting provider?

We offer a variety of hosting products to fit your needs. We can now offer a much better product with less downtime and more features to keep your website and information safe.

The hidden costs in a lot of hosting lies in the “down-time” of sharing of servers and lost time trying to get help over the phone or chat. Most cheap hosting plans have very little customer support, so when help is needed in terms of fixing an issue, it can be frustrating and stressful. I have found over the years I can provide a more responsive service if I can get help from the hosting provider. If you host elsewhere I can still help you with your website, but I will need access to your services.

Nuts and Bolts

Which hosting you need really depends on your website. Before we go changing things, let’s take a look at what you already have. Let’s learn what issues you are trying to resolve, and if hosting is something you need, we are happy to help.

Domain and Hosting Work Together

To work on your website, email campaigns or other CRM services that involve your website, we will need to have access to your domain and hosting providers. Sometimes they are the same company, but they can also be different. If you want to get all your services under one roof, let’s have a conversation and see what is right for you. We encourage every client to have unique passwords for these services and change them regularly. If you need help with your password and login management, you can review our help guide here.