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Password Rescue Backup Plan

We have all experienced it in one form or another….the instant anxiety of getting locked out of our own data. Do any of these situations sound familiar? With 20+ years of experience behind us, we have experienced many scenarios where we have helped clients out of a jam. Our Password Rescue Handbook was born from helping clients regain access – maybe you have experienced one of these sticky situations:

  • Mobile device or tablet was lost or compromised
  • Locked out of your password app
  • Website down and you don’t know who to call
  • Hard drive crash with no backup
  • Continually distracted with password resets

Don’t lose your ability to access your website, online store or productivity software is vitally important for the health of your business.

We have helped many business owners stay organized and keep disruption to a minimum by having a Password Rescue Handbook, and we want to help you too. Anyone who runs a business needs an off-line backup of software, email, website and social login links and passwords.

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Do you have a record of your login information anywhere as a backup?

We are here to help you keep your business moving forward – and that means helping you recover your social or website passwords, or even access to your website for renewals. This simple method can give you peace of mind – call it an insurance policy.

  1. We have a template you can download which provides a format that is easy to use
  2. The next step is vitally important, or else the system doesn’t work: Enter your information!
  3. Print out the document and update it regularly. It will be relief to not worry about forgetting a password – and that you have access to the accounts that matter most to your business.

{download the password rescue handbook}

You should always have access to your own information. We developed this handbook template after helping Business Owners regain access to their own social and website properties. It takes a lot of persistence to recover / update access to accounts. By creating this living document, we help business avoid losing access in the future. If you need help recovering or organizing your passwords, this template is for you!

{download the password rescue handbook}

We are in the business of helping business owners. When you put your trust in us to help you with your marketing, we take our responsibility very seriously. We provide the backup you need to your marketing, website management and social media promotion running. By developing your Password Rescue Handbook as we work together, you will have the information you need even if we part ways.

This template is in a fillable pdf format. To be most effective, you should take 15 minutes to write down your most critical passwords and secret answers. The most important step is to PRINT your Password Rescue Handbook and keep a copy of it with your important business papers. Just like any living document, you need to update your handbook as you update passwords and create new accounts.

An important note:

We highly recommend you keep this document in a secure place on your computer and off-line. You can fill the form in acrobat, and save on your hard drive. This pdf download is intended to be printed and stored with your other important business documents. The intent is for you have all your information in one place in case your computer or online device goes down.

Login & password tips:

The secret questions that aren’t always so secret. If you have ever done one of the Facebook “survey” posts, you may have given away some of your “secret answers”. We recommend that you review these questions every now and then to change up your answers a bit.

Do not use the same password for everything! Hackers will love you – once they get in to one account, they can get into everything.

Banking or money transfer apps all need unique passwords – and those are not to be used anywhere else. Change these passwords every few months.

It is not advisable to sign up for new accounts using the “sign in with Google” feature. Always setup new accounts with unique passwords and secret questions so that if your google pw get’s compromised there are no direct links to your social accounts. I have had client experiences where the application itself stopped accepting that login, and we had to go through the secret question route to reset

Do you know all the answers to your secret questions? Are all you secrets the same?

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